Thinking about having your listed building’s roof replaced or repaired?

When replacing or repairing a roof on a listed building there are new challenges to consider, compared to doing the same on a typical non-listed building. The new roof would normally need major refurbishment across the outer layer as well as underneath.

The English Heritage team identify the historical properties due to its architecture, a special event that took place there, or by the site it occupies, amongst other considerations. The level of importance the building holds will determine what category of grade it is listed as.

It varies between grades, but for some properties you may be able to replace the roof whilst in others you would have to retain the internal fixtures. Owners are bound by the Town & Country Planning Act 1990 and the Planning Act 1990 which stops you from altering the building’s character. If your property is listed as Grade ll you will have more freedom for refurbishment.

If considering work to be done you will need detailed plans of the work, materials to be used and how it relates to keeping with the building’s history. If rejected, you can change them and resubmit them. Generally, if your plans alter the character of your building, it will not be permitted, but this said, modern changes are often approved if they accentuate the existing architecture. If you need a new roof or repairs in Tunbridge Wells call Mastercraft roofing on 1892 784285.