Why Should You Clean The Chimney?

Having the chimney cleaned probably isn’t something we really think about, particularly if we’re busy. But if you have a fireplace it is something you should definitely consider. If you have a gas fire then generally once a year is suggested but if you have a wood burner then more often is the safest option. It is essential to have a professional take a look due to soot and creosote building up, therefore affecting how efficient your fireplace is. You need to make sure it is safe, even if the fire is smokeless, as it can still get a deposit build up overtime within the flue. If you leave the fireplace without any inspections or cleaning, then you will find a number of issues may arise. As well as the mess it could cause with dust and soot, it carries the risk of a fire, chimney corrosion and the most toxic hazard, carbon monoxide poisoning. This can be fatal, so it is integral that you have a carbon monoxide detector.


You may find signs for when the chimney needs maintenance. For instance, perhaps the fire you’ve just lit isn’t as strong or bright as usual and smells strange? Maybe there is more smoke than usual, with excessive soot or grease around the fireplace, or the damper is dirty. You should also listen out for any bird noises or creatures that may have settled within the chimney and call us for anything roof related as we are recommended professional Roofers in Tonbridge.


The Advantages Of A Pitched Roof

Pitched roofing has several advantages, one of which is a greater life span, lasting a long time compared to other roofs (like a flat roof), especially depending on the materials used and how well it is fitted. They must be made properly with the right materials due to their shape, as they are steeper than other roofs with a point. They are durable and defensive against the weather changes, due to being resistant against the elements. The likelihood of water getting into your house is lower due to the shape of the roof, as any water will just drip into the guttering.


A pitched roof is beneficial due to their extra roof space, which could be potentially turned into a spare room or extra storage space. This means your house can be bigger inside without having to move, whilst adding value to the building.


Maintenance wise, a pitched roof still needs to be looked after, so regular inspections are a good idea to keep it in full working order. By having the roof checked you can ensure it is in top condition and keep your home safe and secure, particularly for the colder, wetter months. Call us for all checks to your house roofing including Flat roofs in Tunbridge Wells.


The Benefits Of Velux Windows

Did you know that having Velux windows installed comes with many benefits? For instance, air quality will get a boost. ‘Ve’ in Velux refers to the ventilation in your home. By having these windows fitted, the flow of air will be a lot smoother throughout your property. This will also improve the atmosphere indoors, due to making it easier and nicer to breathe. Improved ventilation will help to prevent damp structurally, due to less chance of condensation. You also have the benefit of increased sunlight coming in. After all, ‘Lux’ in ‘Velux’ means ‘light’ in Latin. Velux frames are created to be as narrow as possible, to allow maximum light in. Being exposed to natural light can help to benefit both physical and mental health.


Visually, Velux windows are an aesthetically pleasing addition to your home, due to the many options you can choose from, so you can get the look you want. You will find that extra sunlight will give the room a larger and more airy open space. Due to natural light being improved, you won’t need to use your electric lights as often, as you won’t have to turn them on until it gets dark. Velux windows also excel in insulation; therefore, you are saving money with energy bills too whilst keeping your family warm in the process. We are not just Roofers in Tonbridge, we cover Tunbridge wells and Wadhurst, so call for a free visit to discuss your Velux windows.


Is A New Roof Beneficial?

It’s a big life decision to buy a house, so you want to make sure it goes well. Putting a lot of thought into it is important, as you will be investing a lot of your time and finances. One area of importance is the roof of your home. These are crucial as they not only help support your home structurally but they also give you and your family comfort and warmth. You need a roof to help keep your property stable and safe. Your house is linked in several ways, for instance having a leak in your roof means the inside of your home can be affected. Damp allows mould to appear, which not only looks awful, it can create health issues. There is also the worry of subsidence, which can cause your homes foundation to sink.


Having an older roof can also create potential problems with your homes structure. If you have to keep paying out for different problems all the time, then you’ll find that it is financially draining. A new roof may be pricey at first, but overall, you’ll be saving money on the long run. You’ll also find that visually for new potential buyers it is a lot more appealing. It also shows your house is looked after and therefore will increase your home’s value. You and your family will feel at ease and comfortable knowing the risks that come with a problematic roof will be gone. If you are thinking about a new roof, call the expert Roofers in Tonbridge, call Mastercraft today.


How Do Roofers Protect Themselves During the Summer?

Sometimes we have unpredictable weather and that can mean our summers are warmer than usual. Working outside for long hours means you can be exposed to risks, which will be assessed by employers, such as the temperature being monitored and making sure there is a risk assessment daily, particularly if there is a worker who may have health issues, making them vulnerable to the heat.


You may wonder how roofers protect themselves against the heat during a job. It is best to make sure they are well informed of the weather and to prepare properly. Sometimes rearranging a job to a cooler time of day is better. If they do have to work in the sun, then making sure they have proper skin protection is integral to their health. Using a high SPF waterproof sun cream regularly will defend their skin from the UV rays. This is especially important if they have pale skin, light hair and moles/freckles, as catching the sun can add to the risk of skin cancer.


In the heat it may be tempting to take off the protective layers and equipment, but this is a bad idea due to the danger. During the job protective clothes should be kept on until completion. A decent material for work clothes in the summer is light cotton and hard hats with a neck shade. However, during breaks the excessive layers can be removed to allow heat loss, cooling off in the shade. Keeping an eye out for signs of heat stroke is important, as well as keeping their hydration high, with plenty of water during the work. Roofers will keep communicating with their colleagues to make sure they are well, keeping an eye on their health and safety. For all Flat roof repairs in Tunbridge Wells, call us on 01892 784285

Roofing and Leadwork

A roofing material that is very adaptable is lead. This is a favoured choice for roofing, as it is soft and pliable, so it can be shaped in different ways. This material is also tough, being naturally water and corrosion resistant.


Lead is generally used for sealing joints, or ‘flashing’. This acts a protection between any masonry and the roof. If it’s done properly, flashing can stop leaking from occurring and help protect the roof from bad weather. If flashing is not used, the rain can simply leak through into your home, causing mould and mildew, as well as potential problems with the structure.


Although you can get different sorts of flashing, lead is usually the popular choice. Lead is more aesthetic than copper and gives durable strength. This flashing can last for many years, as it can lengthen the life of your roof and lower the potential for cracks and damage. This means it is cost efficient as you shouldn’t need a repair for a long time.


It is also eco-friendly once properly fitted on your roof, as the lead sheets could be sent for recycling. The carbon footprint is also low, but doesn’t hinder any performance or durability.


The older your property gets, the more the leadwork can change to adapt to the materials surrounding it. Lead doesn’t need maintaining very often, so you and your family can be assured that your roof is safe, call us for all your Roof repairs in Wadhurst.


Should You Get Your Roof Inspected Professionally?

A roof is an important part of your home, with a crucial job to protect and keep the property safe. It is an essential piece, and needs to be kept in good shape, as any unnoticed problems may cause bigger ones down the line. So, with regular roof inspections, this can be avoided.


Although you can keep an eye on the roof yourself, and look out for any signs of potential damage, it is best to have an expert look at it. They can do a thorough assessment, and decide on a solution if there’s a problem.


Getting your roof inspected regularly is actually cost efficient in the long run, as any problems that arise can be fixed as soon as possible. If they are left due to being put off (possibly due to the thought of the cost), then you may find you’re actually paying out more in the end.


Did you know that roof inspections are greatly suggested as regular maintenance? Professional inspections should be done yearly. You don’t have to do them, but it is definitely recommended, as inspections can identify all sorts of problems, such as damaged tiles, clogged gutters and sagging cladding. It is the thin line between having a fixable problem, and one that is serious. Please keep an eye on your roof, to ensure your home is the best it can be and if you need your roof repaired in Wadhurst call 01892 784285.